Thomas C. Watts: Your Personal And Business Lawyer

You Have Found The Right Place For Legal Advice And Guidance For Your Business And Family

You've worked hard to start your own business and keep it growing steadily through the best and worst of times. Why would you guess about the right answers to business law challenges, questions or concerns? Is it really worth the risk? You shouldn't ever be guessing about what you need when you may not really know and you don't know that you need to know.

Google is not a dependable law firm. Looking for legal advice with a Web search is likely going to be a pretty bad idea in a high stakes business world. Why would you search the Web for answers that might seem like good advice but can just as easily wreck in a day what you have built over the years? You may find out about some law that sounds like it might be the right idea, but you are not likely know how it applies to you, your business or your family.

The best and most successful business persons have their own personal business lawyers. They know the value of a trusted adviser who is a dependable and integral part of their team. Isn't it time for you to turn to trustworthy business counsel — a knowledgeable attorney who will focus on your unique business concerns?

Open sources won't give you an individualized critical evaluation of your situation and application of an experienced attorney's analysis to your own particular current and future needs. Advice from well-meaning friends can be just as misleading when you really need good answers and options for your vital, specific legal questions and business needs.

You need personalized, trustworthy relationship and consistently objective advice from a lawyer like Tom Watts.

Meeting Clients' Expectations; Meeting Their Needs

You can expect Thomas C. Watts Incorporated to provide the professional high-caliber of business law services that clients want, need, expect and appreciate in a fast-paced business world where the questions change faster than the answers. We serve a sophisticated clientele who have tasted success and devote their energies to protecting and building on that success.

Reliable Business Law Practice Since 1977

For nearly 40 years, business law attorney Thomas C. Watts has focused and represented entrepreneurs, advising their businesses and their families in matters of their family businesses, business succession, business organizations and litigation.

The lawyer associates of Thomas C. Watts, Inc., are at the ready — here to serve you in the full range of services required by today's business owners and businesses, from the review and draft contracts, negotiation of acquisitions management of customer, vendors and employee relations and the prosecution and management of litigation.

Clients look to our firm for guidance as they start, expand and operate businesses. We help business clients develop strategies aimed at promoting, preserving and building on profitable operations. As businesses grow and become more complex, clients rely on our objective perspective, depth of knowledge and sage advice to help them plan and implement innovative, effective strategies, approaches and systems involved in all of the challenges of business, from complex litigation matters to conflict resolution within their organizations. Our focus and mission is helping clients to make good decisions; it's as simple as that.

At Thomas C. Watts Incorporated, we represent California business owners in legal matters, situations, and disputes of all kinds. We help business owners avoid or confront breach of contract claims, unfair business practices litigation, family business succession disputes and other types of business and family conflicts.

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