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  1. Government regulation violation citations
    1. Trade secret violations
      1. Fraudulent conveyances
        1. Creditor -Debtor Relations

Business Disputes

Resolving Personal Injury Claims


Fear of unknown outcomes is hard to deal with, whether a business owner is a plaintiff or defendant in a litigation matter or legal dispute.

A plaintiff in a lawsuit has typically lost something because of another party's wrongdoing: money, security or opportunities. A defendant, on the other hand, often contends that accusations are exaggerated or flat-out wrong. In either side of a business dispute the goal is to resolve the issue, but with a keen eye on the dollars that will appear at the bottom line.

Diminished business profitability and mounting legal fees are threats to the ongoing strength and security of a business. Hiring quality legal counsel is essential. Business law attorney Thomas C. Watts works closely with clients through all phases of litigation and dispute resolution, including:

  1. Protecting a business's good name

  2. Devising promising strategies for resolving the dispute favorably

  3. Preparing a client for necessary steps such as filing motions, responding to motions or preparing for mediation or arbitration when applicable

  4. Educating a client, helping him or her be ready to make key decisions in a case such as whether to go to trial or resolve a matter without or before a trial

With offices located in Orange and Riverside Counties, our law firm represents clients facing business-related disputes throughout, including local communities in Orange County and the Inland Empire.  To schedule a consultation with Southern California business lawyer Thomas C. Watts, call 714-364-0100.

The most important matter to address in the case of personal injury is your health and the best possible recovery. You should focus your attention on getting to the best possible medical care. 

As you recover, we will be gathering information about your case in a methodical and analytical manner. Hospital records, incident reports and other important documents will help us to build a detailed case on your behalf. We don’t guess and we don’t assume. Thomas C. Watts employs professional investigators and qualified experts to develop every case as an individual matter.

At every juncture, we will give responsible parties the opportunity to settle your case, subject to your approval. We will keep you informed in detail about the progress of your claim as it proceeds toward trial.

Over the last twenty years, Tom Watts has earned his position as a trusted intermediary. He is particularly effective in resolving high conflict matters involving both traditional litigants as well as disputes between and among public groups and organizations. In 2005, Tom Watts was accepted as a full time student into the prestigious Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine School of Law, earning a Master of Laws degree. A member of virtually all Court-Annexed settlement programs in the local area, He is also a mediation and arbitration panelist with IVAMS (Rancho Cucamonga)

Personal Lawyers

Dispute Resolution

Operating a profitable business is tough enough even when things are running smoothly. Keeping up with regulations, employment law, commercial leases, orders and invoices, industry standards and marketplace trends are all familiar challenges to business owners and managers in Southern California. When legal issues such as damage claims or breach of contract lawsuits enter the picture, the resulting stresses and demands can be threatening and paralyzing. 

Recovering, Claiming And Protecting Your Interests

The first step in the process of bringing a claim or defending against allegations of wrongdoing is to face your concerns. Take an objective and  realistic objective look at the challenge. A business law attorney on your side can be your strongest source of support during all phases of a dispute. Thomas C. Watts, Inc., advises clients facing many challenges, disputes and conflicts including:

  1. Breach of contract
    1. Problematic or failed contract negotiations
      1. Unfair business practices
        1. Partnership or shareholder conflicts
          1. Family succession challenges